How to Throw a Princess Party

Most young children go through a princess phase. They love the idea of fanciful gowns, sparkling tiaras, idyllic castles, and fairy tale heroines— so why not incorporate those ideas into a perfect birthday party?

Planning a princess party takes a little extra work, but the payoff is worth it. Seeing all those smiling faces as the guest of honor and her friends interact with their favorite princesses will make any parent feel like a knight in shining armor. Read on to find out how to throw a perfect princess party for any young child.

Choosing a Princess Party Company

The best way to start planning is to choose a princess party company. Before even considering what characters the company’s actors and actresses can bring to life, look into what the company has to offer in terms of activities and add-ons.

Most character visits start at 30 minutes but parents who want access to a trained actress for the duration of their parties can upgrade to premium packages for more time or add additional characters to their rosters. Make sure the actors and actresses sent to the party are professionally trained and have enough musical talent to perform character-specific sing-a-longs with the kids and ask about available activities.

Booking a character actor or actress who will actively lead games, lead story time, or facilitate crafts for the guests takes some of the stress off of parents when it comes to planning. If there will be lots of guests, consider hiring a second princess, a hero, or another favorite character so that all the guests will feel like they’re getting the attention they deserve.

If a company looks good, make sure both the company itself and all its performers are insured. Since all the actors and actresses receive specialized training, it’s extremely unlikely that anything will go wrong. However, in the unlikely event that something gets damaged or the character actor is injured, adequate insurance will ensure that parents don’t wind up getting stuck with the bill.

Royal Invitations

Parents can either purchase pre-made invitations or make their own, but should make sure to use text and colors that reflect the birthday girl’s royal decree that all her friends should come celebrate with her in style. Some parents go the extra mile and create antique-looking invitation scrolls by printing the invites using elaborate fonts then aging the paper in dark tea before rolling it up.

Party Decorations

It’s always best to choose a princess before buying decorations. Try to stick with the theme and color scheme. If there will be multiple princesses present, go for a regal purple. It’s always a safe bet.

A princess party is meant to be a production, so don’t skimp on decorations. Hang tulle, buy balloons, and cover the tables and chairs with tablecloths and slipcovers. The whole point of throwing a princess party is to create a unique experience for the guest of honor that she will remember for the rest of her life, so when in doubt, make it over-the-top, not understated.

Coming Up With a Menu

Some parents like to come up with menus that go along with the princess theme. Hold a tea party by serving tiny sandwiches with lemonade or juice in teacups, or serve a full meal themed around the birthday girl’s favorite foods combined with themed plates and napkins. Parents who want to go all-out might want to read Janeen A. Sarlin’s Princess Tea Parties for advanced menu and presentation ideas.

It’s fine to use sub-themed menus that reflect the culture or unique themes in the princess story chosen by the birthday girl, as well. A Jasmine and Aladdin-themed party is the perfect opportunity to introduce party guests to child-friendly Middle Eastern foods, for example, while guests at a Little Mermaid party might like beach-themed foods.

The birthday cake should be one of the easiest parts of the menu to figure out. Some princess party companies offer themed cakes as part of their packages. Parents who prefer to bake their own cakes can always get creative and fabricate castle-shaped confectionaries.

Want to try some princess-themed snacks? Bake some star-shaped cookies, then insert popsicle sticks into the bottoms to make edible magic wands or make cupcakes and top them with plastic rings.

Games and Activities

By far the easiest way to keep kids occupied is to have one or more character-actors perform tasks with the guests. Parents who want to throw parties longer than the two-hour time frame need to get a little more creative, though.

Dress Up and Dance Parties

Face painting and playing dress up are both popular activities at princess parties since they let all the guests feel a little glamorous and in on the fun. Once everyone’s all dressed up, put on the soundtrack from the birthday girl’s favorite princess movie and ask the guests to play freeze-dance.

Arts and Crafts

Princess-themed crafts give kids the opportunity to create their own party favors. Try letting all the guests decorate their own plastic or construction paper crowns and tiaras, or create their own treasure chests using stickers, paint, or glue on baubles and fill them with party favors like plastic rings and shiny rocks.

Piñata Time

If possible, find a piñata that matches the theme of the party. For example, choose a frog piñata for the Princess and the Frog, or go with a donkey for Shrek and Fiona parties. Consider adding some extras to the piñata like plastic rings or small wands to go along with all the candy.

When theme-specific piñatas aren’t available, parents can still stick to the overall princess theme. Look for ponies, castles, crowns, or carriages. The right pinata will both act as a good decoration until it's time to break it open and keep the party guests occupied for at least a few minutes.

The Bottom Line

Throwing a princess party is one of the best ways for parents to show little girls going through a princess phase they care about their interests. Hiring character actors and actresses is surprisingly affordable and much of the rest of the planning can be done at home. Just make sure to incorporate plenty of fun, fairy-tale themed games, party favors, and decorations to create a fully immersive experience for the birthday girl and all her guests.