Invitation Ideas for your Princess party

Princesses in the Park

February 9, 2023

Princess parties are incredibly popular among young girls. Princess themes are also growing in popularity, including sweet sixteen parties and even baby showers. No matter how old the birthday girl will be on her special day, it’s important to plan the party carefully from start to finish to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Most parents know that it’s important to hire the right princess party company to provide character-actors who can interact with the guests, take photos, and lead fun/ themed activities. Once this essential step is completed, many party planners immediately start buying decorations and coming up with menus. It’s fine to start planning well in advance, but don’t forget about party invitations.

Party invitations must be sent out well before the party, so it’s best to get them out of the way first. Read on to find out about a few stellar ideas for parents who want to create their own fairy tale invitations.

Princess Scroll Invitations

Scroll invitations take a little extra time to make but they’re absolutely stunning, so they deserve the first spot on this list. Parents can buy pre-made scroll invitations, but with a little extra effort they can make their own scrolls using nothing more than paper, tea bags, and pretty ribbons.

Start by using a fanciful, old-fashioned script to print the invitations. Regular paper is fine, although those who want to go the extra mile can also purchase nicer paper. Printing the invitations is just the first step, so prepare for the next one by brewing a pot of tea while the invitations print.

Pour the tea into a flat plate. Parents can then submerge their paper invitations in the tea to age them and make them look more authentic. Use clothes pins to hang the invitations up to dry so they don’t get stuck to anything.

Once they’ve dried, parents can simply take the invitations and roll them up. Tie them with a ribbon for a final touch and hand them out to invitees or put them in the mail using specialized poster packaging. Guests will be sure to appreciate all the extra work that’s gone into their invitations and will show up excited for a truly magical experience.

Tea Party Invitations

Planning a tea party to keep in line with the princess theme? Invite the guests to a royal tea party with decorated invitations. Include a few simple graphics of teacups, tiny cakes, and balloons to add some flare.

If the princess tea party will be a dress up party, make sure to include that information on the invitation. Most little girls have a favorite princess dress. Parents need to know that dressing up their kids in advance will be appropriate in advance to help them prepare, though. It’s also a good idea to have a few extra dresses on hand for guests who forget to dress up before they arrive.

Royal Images

Want to add an extra, personalized touch? Create a card or download a template that allows party planners to incorporate their children’s photographs into a royal image. Choose a fanciful tiara design for custom cards and make the photo the center point of the invitation.

As with any invitation, make sure to include all relevant information. This should include the time and location of the party, a phone number to RSVP, and any other details such as what type of party it will be and whether kids will need things like dress-up clothes, bathing suits for summer parties, or other toys and materials for additional fun and games.

Pretty in Pink

When it comes to princess parties, pink is always a good option. Choose a light pink background and use purple or pink text and consider incorporating some glitter into the design either on a beautiful crown or surrounding the text.

There’s really no need to go out and buy expensive, pre-made invitations. Parents can print their own designs on card stock, then add tactile details like glitter or stick-on jewels to create beautiful invitations for less.

Mirror Mirror

Have a little girl who’s obsessed with Snow White? Cut-out mirror invitations will be sure to impress the guests. The information for the party can be printed on a separate piece of paper and placed inside the mirror to replace the reflection.

Crafty party planners can make mirror invitations using card stock and a pair of scissors. Create a template first and cut each invitation, including any cut-out scroll work along the edges, to match the template. Glue a small ribbon onto the front to add a final touch then place the invitations in large, flat envelopes and send them out.

Once Upon a Time

The whole point of a princess party is to create memories that will last a lifetime. Get the birthday girl’s story started out on the right foot by sending out “once upon a time” party invitations. Use common fairy-tale phrases like “Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there was a young princess named [insert child’s name here] who wanted to celebrate her birthday with all her friends.”

The invitations can either be folded so parents can include practical details inside or those details can be included at the bottom of the page beneath a hand-drawn illustration or a colorful banner. Either way, the invitations will get guests excited about coming to the party and being a part of their friend’s pretty princess story.

The Bottom Line

Princess parties are fun for girls of all ages. Whether the birthday girl is turning one, ten, or 16, parents can set the scene for a perfect party by coming up with beautiful, original invitations. The birthday girl and her guests can add them to their party favors when the big day is done and keep them to remember how much fun they had.

Parents who don’t have the time or artistic ability to create handmade invitations can find templates online. They may not be quite as original, but they’re still customizable and with a little effort they’ll still make a great impression.