Prefect Ideas for your princess party

Princesses in the Park

February 9, 2023

If there’s one thing that most little girls have in common, it’s the princess phase. There’s just something about castles, ponies, frilly dresses, and knights in shining armor that captures the imagination of just about every girl at some point in her life.

Parents who want to throw birthday parties that their children will remember fondly for the rest of their lives can tap into the universal love of princesses once it’s time to come up with a theme. Just check out the following tips for how to plan the perfect princess party to get the planning process started off on the right foot.

Hire Character Actors

The guest of honor and all her friends will be sure to love the opportunity to interact with their favorite characters. Hiring one or more character-actor also comes with the advantage of taking some stress off party planners since the actors will come prepared to engage the kids in fun games and activities, like character-specific sing-a-longs, themed crafts, and story time. Plus, parents will love the opportunity to take photos of their kids with their favorite princesses.

Character options aren’t limited to just princesses, either. Heroes and other characters are also available. Hiring more than one actor is a good idea if the party will be large since it will offer each guest an opportunity to interact first-hand with their favorite characters.

Personalized Princesses

If there’s a certain princess who has captured the guest of honor’s heart, that gives parents a good place to start when it comes to decorating. Buy foil balloons, character cut-outs, and themed place settings and match the rest of the decorations to the princess’s unique color scheme. Choosing a certain princess also gives parents the chance to incorporate themed meals, snacks, and activities.

Tea Parties

What princess doesn’t love a tea party? With themed plates, napkins, and table decorations, it’s easy to turn any meal into a tea party worthy of royalty. Whether parents bake their own cakes for the party or opt to work with a princess party company that provides confectionery delights, they can use tea party settings to serve it up.

Setting up a tea party can also make it easier to get the guests to indulge in some healthy snacks. Try tiny sandwiches cut with cookie cutters to match the theme or get creative with presentation and serve up some healthy fruit. Sitting down to a tea party with a tiny cup of juice and a fancifully presented meal of finger foods will typically satisfy even picky eaters.

Princess Themed Games

Just about every adult has happy memories of playing pin the tail on the donkey or breaking open a brightly colored pinata at a friend’s birthday party. Take those classic party games and give them a creative twist by incorporating the princess theme.

Pin the Kiss on the Frog

With a little creativity, pin the tail on the donkey can easily be turned into pin the kiss on the frog and there are tons of options available when it comes to princess-themed piñatas. Parents who opt to have a piñata at the party for guests to break should consider adding some themed goodies to supplement the usual supply of candy. Just throw in some plastic rings, costume jewelry, or other small inedible treats.

Princess-Themed Hide-and-Seek

Cinderella’s lost slipper makes a great party game, as well. This creative take on hide-and-seek gives one guest at a time the responsibility of hiding Cinderella’s slipper, then the rest of the guests hunt for it. Whoever wins gets to hide the slipper for the next round. Alterations on this popular game include hiding an apple for Snow White, hiding a book for Beauty and the Beast, or hiding the crown for a general princess party.

Princess Dress Up

Dress up is always a good go to for princess parties. Ask each guest to come dressed as her favorite princess and provide feather boas, gloves, and costume jewelry to make dress up parties more fun. Parents who want to go the extra mile and incorporate a second fun activity can provide guests with everything they need to make or decorate their own tiaras and wands, too, then take photos or even organize a dance party so everyone can show off their fancy outfits.

Themed Party Favors

No kids’ party is complete without party favors. Parents can make their own party favor bags by purchasing colored candy, plastic jewelry, and themed toys or they can get more creative and let kids make their own party favors.

Making treasure chests to hold party favors gives parents one more activity they can do with their kids. Provide wooden boxes along with non-toxic paint, stickers, or even stick-on jewels and let the kids fill them with shiny rocks that look like crystals, small toys, jewelry, or other themed favors. That way, each guest will have a personalized reminder of how much fun she had celebrating her friend’s birthday.

Making the Birthday Girl Feel Special

Every little girl is a princess at heart, but princess-themed birthday parties are supposed to be about celebrating the guest of honor’s special day. Pick out a special outfit, make or buy a bigger crown, and give the birthday girl some control over the games, crafts, and other activities to make her feel special. Some parents also decorate a throne for their little ones to sit at during their tea parties or more formal meals.

The Bottom Line

With a little creativity, parents can easily put together a princess party that will have the birthday girl and her guests reminiscing fondly for years to come. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make some DIY decorations, snacks, and other goodies but make sure to hire a professional character actor to play the princess. Professional actors have the training they need to stay in character, perform well for the kids, and make sure that everyone at the party feels like a little princess.