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Thanks to Disney, little girls love princesses! From Jasmine to Elsa, each one is a favorite of a little girl somewhere. Princess in the Park can help you host the perfect princess party for your daughter and her friends. We are a top-rated princess party company in Edmonton.

The popularity of princess parties

Princess parties are extremely popular with little girls right now! Little girls everywhere love envisioning themselves as Ariel, Belle, or Jasmine. Some little girls are not specific to movie character princesses; they just like the idea of being a princess. To capitalize on that theme, companies produce costumes and other party goods so parents can have an entire party that revolves around being a princess.

These parties show no sign of slowing down in popularity. Princess costumes are big sellers every year at Halloween. And even though she is newer to the Disney family of princesses, Elsa is ranked number two in popularity. If your little girl enjoys watching princess movies, you can’t go wrong with a princess-themed party for her.

Activities for a princess party

Hosting a princess party for your daughter and her friends gives you the opportunity for a variety of activities. Only the sky limits your ideas for this type of party. Here are a few activity ideas to consider.

  • Facepainting
  • Dressing up as their favorite princess
  • Renting a bouncy castle
  • Princess themed crafts like decorating crowns
  • Dancing

Coming up with games for this theme is part of the fun! As long as the girls get to feel like princesses, the idea will be a hit!

What does a princess mascot do at a party?

What a princess does at a party is up to the family who hired her. A princess mascot can do so many things for the guests at your party. She can serve as the main hostess and greet every little girl that comes in. Instead of the parents serving as hosts, the princess would act as the hostess for the festivities. She would function as a master of ceremonies.

If that isn’t the role you want your princess to play, that is entirely ok. She can arrive later and sing a song to entertain the crowd, or she can help with face painting and participate in crafting activities. Whatever she does is up to you. Our princess party company in Edmonton has a variety of princesses to meet your needs and fulfill whatever role you require at your party.

Tips for hosting a successful princess party

To host a successful party, plan out your activities, and book any needed vendors well in advance. Once you know what the activities consist of, loop in the parents of any children with invitations. This way, they know what to expect. Also, keep the party short, and the guest lists small to avoid overwhelming the young guests.

Let Princess in the Park help you with your daughter’s princess party. Our princesses can perform a variety of tasks that will delight your young guests. We are a respected princess party company in Edmonton.

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