Princesses In The Park

Princesses In The Park

What is Princesses In The Park? This new company is the creation of a 16 year old gal and her mother in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Rather than going out and getting a minimum wage job at the local strip mall, Destiny decided to start a new company. This company would make dreams come true for little girls in the Greater Edmonton area.

How Does It Work?

Simply give Princesses In The Park a call at 17809027543 and tell them about your kids birthday party in Edmtonon. From there, you can work out which characters match your child's interests and design a themed party around a visit from their Princess. There are different packages that are available and lots of choices to accomodate even the toughest critic.

How Much Does It Cost?

We would love to be able to give you a fixed price in this article, but no party is really the same! What we have are four main packages ranging from $140 to $370 but the reality is that most our pricing is custom. We are often taking special requests from parents trying to make their little boys special day a huge success. We can bring multiple Princesses to accomodate bigger groups and we come equiped with lots of party supplies and fun. Call 1-780-902-7543 now to get Princesses-In-The-Park at your next special event.

Why Doesnt Google Show You First When We Search Princesses In The Park?

At Princesses In The Park, we are working very hard to have our website show up first when you search for us. But, we are having a hard time competing with the other Princess In The Park wannabes. Facebook for example, is good friends with Google and their pages seem to rank higher than ours. We think its discrimination, if you agree perhaps you could pull a few strings and get us moved up the list? We will happily make your child's birthday event magical in return!

Princesses In The Park


Princesses In The Park

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