Senior photography in Spokane captures a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. For many high school graduates, it is the last time they will be presented before debarking for the working world or college. We at Kelly Tareski Photography know how important it is to get started in the world on the right foot and aim to provide exceptional quality in our work.

Why should I have my senior portrait professionally taken?

Photographers understand the ins and outs of building something exceptional. Most are educated in the art of color, perspective, and form. This creates photography worth remembering, especially when backed by the high-quality lenses and cameras that still beat those on your phone or lower priced options.

Many school photographers work within limits that severely restrict the quality of their product. Images are taken on specific days with a generic backdrop. This fails to highlight certain features for your child and can even pose a significant problem.

These pictures define how we are perceived and even the opportunities available as we start the next phase of our lives. Standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. Many people have Linked In accounts before they even attend the first day of college classes.

A modern approach to the portrait is always welcome. Spokane contains a wealth of natural beauty. Our lakes, small-town feel, and rustic scenery offer a fresh face for any picture. They also create a challenge for photographers.

Dealing with nature requires attention to lighting situations, angles, and a perspective on what to expect from a photo shoot. Flexibility is key to achieving the kind of portrait your child can post on the resume for their first internship or job. A thorough knowledge of such technical aspects as ISO and shutter speed are needed to capture the quality demanded by our clients.

Where can I find a photographer in Spokane?

Photography is a skill not unlike picking up the guitar. Many people can strum a few notes, but the production of high-quality work requires practice and talent. Spokane is filled with people claiming to produce quality images, but they may not know as much as they let on about the art of Photography.

Our firm offers award-winning and attentive service. We won the Masters Portraits bronze award in 2017 and 2018 as well as the IMTA award for best headshots during those years. The International Models and Talent Association does not recognize just any artist but those providing exceptional service and product for aspiring talent.

When choosing our team, you gain access to a full range of services promising to make your journey one to remember. Our recognized makeup artist, scene creator, and web designer back up our principal and namesake photographer while giving our clients the attention they deserve from the moment they set foot in the studio to the instant they leave.

Senior portraits set us off on the right foot in life. Choosing Kelly Tareski Photography for your senior photography in Spokane opens a world of possibilities. Get in touch today to find out more.

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