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Sloss Fright Furnace

Put a blast into your Halloween this year by visiting our sloss fright furnace. Phobia Factory targets every fear to produce a hair-raising experience for everyone in your family or group. Ditch the simple thrills and visit a truly one of a kind experience.

Haunted House in Alabama

Alabama is steeped in the otherworldly. The Sloss Furnaces of Birmingham is among the most well-known places in the ghost hunter community. Just down the road, the haunted courthouse of Columbiana continues to create history every day.

We forge a unique identity in a former factory in Columbiana. Our expansive location creates a world of unknown fear and fright on grounds once owned by a manufacturing juggernaut with its own issues. Every inch of the establishment teems with the unknown.

Target your fears this Halloweens

Phobia Factory relies on proven paths to a deep scare. Everyone experiences some level of anxiety. Our haunted house packs dozens of triggers for over fifteen phobias in three separate attractions.

The haunt of a lifetime awaits in the Vertigo Wall, House of Illusions, and abandoned factory. Reality is merely an illusion and our experts know how to make you lose sight of the difference between the real and surreal.

Where is the largest Vortex Tunnel in Alabama?

Before crawling through the factory and other attractions of Phobia Factory, users can enter the Vertigo Vortex. The largest Vortex tunnel in the state aims to let you lose sense of your equilibrium.

These tunnels are the perfect starting point to any adventure on the once-bustling factory floor. Enter an otherworldly experience prepared for nothing.

What is reality?

Reality is what we perceive it to be. What really is that. Our House of Illusions allows visitors to see life in an entirely different life. The factory itself challenges every assumption you have.

There is no shortage of material at Phobia Factory to target your inner fears. There is no limit to what you will encounter in our well-planned attractions. The only certainty is that you will not be faced with traditional gimmicks leaving you wanting more.

Where can I target my fears this Halloween?

Fire, hospitals, deep holes, and creepy swamps all await visitors at Phobia Factory. We target over fifteen different phobias throughout the entire day. You can either embrace your fears or run to the hills.

Choose your experience

Enter a sloss fright furnace this Halloween by visiting Phobia Factory. We turn out the thrills for any visitor. Families are free to visit during the day or come back at night when the lights are out.

Our attractions cater to any level of comfort by offering a daily and nightly experience. Wake up at the famous Pitwick Hospital, visit the Sloss Furnaces of Birmingham, check out Columbiana’s courthouse and then come to Phobia Factory for a truly worthwhile experience.

Let us make your Halloween one to remember. Visit Phobia Factory any time between September 27 and November 2, the Day of the Dead.

Phobia Factory
Sloss Fright Furnace
455 Hwy 70
Columbiana AL 35186 US

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