Tips for choosing the right princess party Company

Princesses in the Park

February 9, 2023

Planning a princess party for a beloved little girl? Hiring character actors to bring the fairy tale to life, interact with the kids, and provide stellar photo-ops is a must, but many parents feel overwhelmed by the prospect of finding a princess party company. Read on to find some tips for choosing the right princess party company!

Look for Top Talent

Princesses for hire are more than just pretty girls in fanciful costumes. The whole point of hiring a character actor for a princess party is to create a magical experience for the kids. Companies that specialize in princess parties should always hire professional actors and should provide additional training as needed.

Ideally, the princesses, heroes, and other characters sent to the party will have musical training as well. Ask whether performances are available and look for a company whose actors can perform sing-a-longs with the kids. While all actors know how to sing happy birthday, only dedicated character actors invest the time and effort into learning character specific songs. It makes a huge difference, especially for truly princess-obsessed guests of honor.

Feel free to ask the company for performer bios and photographs. Chances are, only certain performers will be approved to play each character, so find out who will be available in advance. Look for companies that are selective not just about their talent but about which character each actor is trained to play.

Consider Costumes

Unless they want to pay a small fortune, most parents aren’t going to be able to find Disney princesses for their children’s parties. The costumes and characters used by Disney are under strict licensing agreements and most princess party companies can’t afford to pay licensing fees without passing those additional, often exorbitant, expenses on to their customers. Instead, look for a company that has beautiful, fanciful costumes that come close enough to meeting the birthday girl’s preferences without infringing on Disney copyrights.

Find Out About Fees

Any good princess party company will be upfront about its fees. Look for package deals that come with not just timed visits from one or more actors, but also all the extras like photo opportunities, activities for the kids, and themed birthday cakes. Most of the time, package deals are less expensive than paying for each service separately.

Ask about fees before hiring an actor. Some companies charge extra for out-of-town travel costs, while others add per-child surcharges for large parties. It’s always best to request a full quote prior to signing on the dotted line and professional companies are always willing to provide detailed fee schedules.

Ask About Insurance

The last thing a party planner needs is to get sidled with a huge bill if something goes wrong during the party. Princess party companies should carry extensive insurance policies that cover all their actors. Chances are, everything will go smoothly, but in the extremely unlikely event that one of the actors or, even worse, one of the guests is injured, parents who work with properly insured companies won’t end up footing the bill.

Find Out the Cancellation Policy

Cancellation can go both ways. It’s important to find out whether clients will receive a refund if they have to cancel and what the fee is for rescheduling, but it’s equally important to find out whether the company has a reputation for canceling visits without notice. There’s nothing that will ruin a child’s birthday party faster than a princess who pulls a no-call, no-show. To avoid the tears, look into the company’s cancellation policies and investigate their reputation in advance.

Safety and Security

Legitimate companies will always take steps to protect their clients’ personal information and financial data. If the company requests credit card information over the phone, consider it a red flag and look elsewhere for performers. Ask about the company’s privacy policy too since that can affect whether the company is legally allowed to share clients’ information with third parties.

Child safety should be a priority for all princess party companies. Ask if the company performs background checks and otherwise vets its performers. All performers should be trained to prioritize child safety.

Background and Reputation

It’s best to work with a company that has been around for a while. Not only will it help to ensure that the company is legitimate and has had enough time to find and hire dedicated, professional actors but it will also make it easier for clients to research the company’s history and current reputation. Read through some testimonials or reviews from previous clients and do some due diligence by checking with the Better Business Bureau for complaints.

Employee Treatment

Look for a company that hires dedicated employees instead of working with independent contractors. Independent contractors don’t generally receive dedicated training, don’t have access to company-provided costumes, makeup, or supplies, and don’t typically receive company guidelines for their visits. They’re not offered as many legal rights and protections as full-time or part-time employees, so they tend to be less satisfied with their jobs. Happy employees make the best performers, and a good performance is the best way to create a truly magical experience for all the guests, so look for a company that treats its employees right.

Ability to Accommodate Special Requests

Some princess party companies will provide character actors for charity events and accommodate other special requests. These may include sending extra actors, engaging the kids in special activities, or offering other added value to the party. Get in contact with the company in advance to discuss custom solutions for children’s parties and other events.

The Bottom Line

Throwing the perfect princess party requires more than just some colorful decorations and a few themed party games. No princess party is truly complete without a character actor there to perform a meet and greet with the birthday girl, play games and engage in activities with the kids, and take photos to commemorate the event. Find a princess party company whose employees will go out of their way to make the big day special for the birthday girl by following the tips above.