Toddler Birthday Party Edmonton

Toddler birthday parties are special and exciting and Princess in the Park can provide virtually any mascot for your toddler birthday party in Edmonton. Give us a call today to check pricing and availability!

Keys to a successful toddler birthday party

Toddler parties can be quite an adventure! Here are is some useful advice to help you navigate the landscape.

  • Schedule the party at a time when toddlers won’t be napping
  • Keep the party short since toddlers have a short attention span
  • Know when to end the party to prevent toddler meltdowns
  • Plan age-appropriate activities
  • Keep the parents of the invited children in the loop of what the activities are
  • Don’t worry about entertaining the adults

While there are many points to consider for a child’s birthday party, these are key points to consider.

Setting a party budget

Even though the child may not remember everything from their party, you will. Parents always want the day to be the best. It doesn’t take much for the cost of a party to spiral out of control. To make sure you don’t go overboard, establish a budget early, and stick to it. Determine what items are priorities and must-haves and purchase those items first. If you find that certain things are too much for the budget, get creative on how you can obtain those items.

If you have crafting skills, consider using them to make things like invitations or decorations. Do you know people who provide services like cakes or face painting? Ask if they can donate or offer you services at reduced prices. For vendors who are not well known, this is a great chance to get their name out there.

Should you hire live entertainment for a toddler’s party?

If the child has a show they are partial to or a character they love, then yes, hiring live entertainment makes sense for a toddler birthday party in Edmonton. Live mascots bring another level of fun to an event! Packages will vary on what you can expect from your mascot, but they can do things like play games with the kids, and lead activities.

When you pick a mascot, you can select your child’s favorite character, or you can choose one with the intention of designing an entire theme around the mascot. If you pick a mascot that is a princess, then you can host an entire party around princesses. If the budget allows, you can have more than one princess!

Number of guests for a toddler’s party

Toddlers tend to have short attention spans, which means they get overwhelmed easily. The activities at the party will provide your child with a great deal of stimulation. If you have a lot of guests, that can be too much for a 2-3-year-old to handle. Keep the guests' list on the smaller side and only invite close friends and family.

Princess in the Park would love to be a part of your child’s big day! Contact us to learn more about what services we can provide for a toddler birthday party in Edmonton.

Toddler Birthday Party Edmonton
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Toddler Birthday Party Edmonton
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